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proXPN Privacy through VPN

proXPN Privacy through VPN

proXPN was founded in Rotterdam in 2009 and now offers secure servers in four countries: the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Singapore. The system is still growing, so more countries should be joining soon. proXPN offers both a free and a paid software solution for anonymous browsing. The free version is speed-limited to 300 […]

How to surf secure in a wifi hotspot

How to surf secure in a wifi hotspot

People using wireless devices such as iphones, laptops, ipad among others on public Wi-Fi hotspots are at risk of insecurity. At a Wi-Fi hotspot, it is quite easy for other users to collect the data traffic, password and login info using packet-sniffing software. These places are unencrypted and unprotected. Therefore, users are advised to to […]