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proXPN Privacy through VPN

proXPN was founded in Rotterdam in 2009 and now offers secure servers in four countries: the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

The system is still growing, so more countries should be joining soon. proXPN offers both a free and a paid software solution for anonymous browsing. The free version is speed-limited to 300 kbps, while the paid version comes without bandwidth restrictions, more server locations, and PPTP for mobile devices. Both offers can be used with Windows and Mac OS as well with mobile devices like Android smartphones or iPads / iPhones. You can compare them with other providers here.

The paid version also lets you choose the country you want to have a ip adress from.

proXPN keeps provider logs of log-in and log-out times and bandwidth usage to trace illegal activity. The logs are destroyed after 6 months – which is very long for VPN Providers. Usually the logs are stored for 30-90 days but proXPN says they dont give the information to any third party. But they surely give it to the Feds if you commit a crime online.