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Malaysia-based virtual private network vpn Hide. [Virtual Private Network (VPN)] service, previously worked as a security specialist international companies in various parts of the world was created by a group of IT experts. Pre-team is now working for private companies offer ring skills.

Hide. already the world’s leading VPN providers, and offers extra security and privacy of users. Be blocked at the same time taking advantage of the service, censored or restricted access in any way able to access online content.

How It Works

Like other VPN services, also have a VPN client software to give users a new IP and extra security. It connects to the network after you download and install software with Hide.. To do this, your internet traffic will be encrypted by one of the world’s tünelleniy servers on the network in all four corners. After UndAnmIş address of the user’s connection to the server looks like. This not only provides anonymity by hiding the user’s identity, it also means that you do not exceed the restrictions attached link instead. You can access content from your location so you can not access normally.

In addition, a feature that provides extra security to the user’s connection is also encrypted. Encryption you from unwanted surveillance, protects hacking’t and other threats. In fact, your internet service provider where you can not see that you have entered.


As of hideip SSTP VPN service which, PPTP, L2TP / IPSec and OpenVPN supports encryption protocols, that are protected as much as you want your security quite a wide range. Even when using public Wi-Fi connection so you are off the threat from outside. Moreover, the company has a very strict privacy policy. User registration is binding to sites which are not maintained, what they download or also with whom they communicate. Netherlands and Germany servers even allow p2p’y, which file you want without being exposed to any intervention by your internet service provider means that you can download.

Servers servers are located in the following countries: Germany, Romania, USA, Switzerland, Singapore, the Netherlands, Britain, Canada, Lithuania, Morocco, Luxembourg and Iceland.

Fees and Payment Methods

There are three types of package options: Free, Plus, and Premium. You can connect only two places with free package, no OpenVPN protocol, and 2 GB quota. Plus, you can connect pack from 20 locations, each protocol is supported and has 75 GB quota. Premium package gives you unlimited quota and allowing five different connections simultaneously.

As its name suggests, free package you can have without paying any fee. Monthly fee of $ 5.42 plus package, the Premium package $ 11.67 This fee ‘is a go. How many services you can buy with payment. Principal payment from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Bitcoin and cash in.


Tablets, including PC and Mac Hide. on VPN services for the moment, phones and can operate in a multi-device. Manual installation guide from which I’ve listed the most popular: