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SmartDNS vs. VPN

What’s Smart DNS?

SmartDNS is somewhat similar to VPN technology and comparatively new, because it enables users to avoid content that is geographically limited . Specifically, it’s extensively utilised to circumvent regional limitations on media services and streaming video, like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu. The technology operates by rerouting a user’s DNS queries via a server in a different section of earth, disguising their true place.

So, for instance, in the event the DNS queries are rerouted to your server in America, sites will think the user’s web activity is originating from your United States. As a result, sites which control their content simply will not become unavailable. Exactly the same procedure could be used to get content in the rest of earth. The technology operates mechanically on supported services, meaning which other web browsing is totally unaffected and is simple to configure.
Compatibility with Computers, Games Consoles and Smart TVs

Among the main plus points is its variety of compatibility. As a result of the fact all that’s wanted is to be changed and that no software is a requirement, SmartDNS services can be found a large proportion of operating systems and distinct devices. You’ll locate Set Up Tutorials for many Devices and Smart DNS Suppliers on

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With SmartDNS, only traffic into a supported service or web site is rerouted and other browsing is not affected. It follows that, for instance, when you try to gain access to e-mail or internet banking accounts, this information isn’t rerouted through the servers of the product’s. Each SmartDNS merchandise out there has another amount of supported services or channels, according to several other variables as well as the place of the servers. Thus, users are advised to consult an individual Smart DNS Proxy  to ensure the service they would like to use is supported. Various sports services may also be popular, including the WWE Network, Fox Football 2Go as well as NFL GamePass. Also, some SmartDNS suppliers offer support for social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.
What’s not worse –

The issue of whether to use VPN products or SmartDNS isn’t clear-cut, both are satisfied for different kinds of use and because both have their pros and cons. It’s also worth noting that SmartDNS just works on supported sites, so when the site you would like to use isn’t supported, VPN is the sole choice. SmartDNS will not come with all the exact same security attributes, thus if you’re seeking added security, use VPN.

Likewise, if secrecy is a concern, in the event that you don’t want your own ISP to find out that which you’re doing (P2P file sharing) or in the event that you would like to be anonymous VPNs are the most suitable choice. But if you’re considering utilizing the service for music content or streaming video content, without important protection concerns, SmartDNS technology is the higher choice. That is due to the fact that the technology is geared towards this type of use, it’s not more expensive, and exactly the same type of speed problems which may blight VPNs not affects SmartDNS.